8 September 2010

New (old) Address

As my original blog has been reinstated at the address below I've copied everything across to it from here and have closed this one down.

19 August 2010

I'll drive!

Thursday 12th (29)
I called the campsite first thing in the morning only to find that they were fully booked at the weekend.

With Mistress Carina still away I spent a second evening at home alone and took the opportunity to finish tidying the house as best I could.

Friday 13th (30)

I drove the short distance to the campsite this morning and helped Mistress with the packing before bringing her home, the packing included sweeping the inside of the tent clear on my hands and knees with a handbrush... which Mistress appeared to enjoy watching immensely.

Saturday 14th

Mistress sent me a message yesterday informing me that my priority over the weekend would be to tend to her legs and feet, which after two days of exposure to the great outdoors were in need of some care and attention.

With that in mind I went shopping this morning and returned with everything I thought might be needed.... including a pumice stone, footbath lotions and moisturiser.

Sunday 15th

Mistress Carina drove us out to a camping superstore this afternoon where we bought a few last odds and ends ahead of our planned holiday next week and I'm sure would've driven us back again too had she not developed a headache.

Hearing Mistress saying "I'll drive!" so assertively before we set off served as a small reminder that it's her that's in charge and in a very subtle kind of way put me firmly in my place.

Monday 16th (33)

This time next week we'll be on holiday!

Tuesday 17th (34)

It's now been more than a month since Mistress Carina last granted me release and not a lot less since I was last fully aroused and the latter as always is having a far greater effect on me. It did cross my mind to indulge myself a little why Mistress was away last week but I could never do that without having sought her permission first and as I didn't want to bother her with such trivia decided against asking, I don't regret it although I do wonder what her response might have been if I had.

Wednesday 18th (35)

It could well be all in the mind but when I fastened Mistress' ring around myself this morning I seemed to be more full than ever?

A thought that stayed with me for the rest of the day and during a quiet spell early in the evening found me surfing for male milking articles, curious to learn if it really is possible to be emptied without experiencing an ounce of pleasure nor affecting this wonderful feeling of submissiveness that thirty five days of denial has delivered?

I'm still not sure.

6 August 2010

Can't Wait!

Thursday 5th August (22)

Much to my delight Mistress Carina sent me a brief message this morning saying how much she enjoyed reading my last post, I thanked her apologising for it not having been that long and promising to do better next week.

Saturday 7th (24) / Sunday 8th (25)

Mistress and I spent the weekend camping in Hampshire and visiting relatives, the long drive aside it was a quiet and relaxing couple of days.

Wednesday 11th (28)

With Mistress Carina having taken our youngest camping for a couple of days I'm home alone tonight and tomorrow night, I dropped them both at the campsite this afternoon and will be joining them for a few hours tomorrow before returning home in the evening.

I would've liked to have gone too but with me staying behind to look after the house and the business Mistress can relax and not have to worry about anything, not least our oldest who's been driving her crazy.

As much as I miss being by Mistress' side it does give me a rare opportunity to get a few things done and out of the way, by the time she returns home I'd have booked our holiday accommodation, tidied the house as best I can and hopefully had a good couple of nights sleep as well.... which will mean I'm refreshed and at my best when I return to her service.

Mistress told me after I'd returned home this afternoon to book the campsite for another two nights as that's where we'll be spending the weekend together, I can't wait!